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Ghostly Lesson Plans Used in Other Classrooms

A First Ghost Story For students in Grade 1. Uses “The Teeny Tiny Woman” a makes-you-jump story as  an introduction to ghost stories. 

Reading and Understanding  For students in Grade 2. Uses “The Ghost Catcher,” a Bengali folk tale to explore  ghosts from another culture. 

Writing a Ghost or Mystery Story about North Carolina
For students in Grade 4. Works on combining knowledge of North Carolina history  and geography with writing skills.  

Reading Motivation and Critical Thinking
For students in Grades 6-8. Uses Goosebumps books to motivate reading practice,  analyze story structure and inspire creative writing.  

What Makes a Story Scary
For students in Grades 6-12. Works on public speaking and listening skills, story  analysis and writing skills.  

Teaching with Historic Newspapers—Colorado Ghost Stories in 1900
For students in Grades 6-12. Works on researching skills using online newspaper  archives as well as writing skills.  

Teaching the Epic through Ghost Stories
For students in Grades 9-12. Works on elements of ghost stories, epics and oral   traditions, as well as the connections between them as preparation for studying   epics like “Beowolf” or “The Odyssey.”  

Writing the Short Story — Ghost Stories
For students in Grades 11-12. Works on elements of the short story by reading and  analyzing several authors from Mark Twain to Stephen King, and by watching a  video such as “The Blair Witch Project.

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