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Ruth by Lake and PrairieRuth By Lake and Prairie

A Great Lakes Journey to the American Frontier

The award-winning depiction of a family's voyage from New York to Illinois ending in the settlement of celebrated Naperville, by Katharine Kendzy "Kate" Gingold, a 30 year resident of the town, written for the 175th anniversary.

Available in paperback and kindle at Amazon.

Ruth Was Our Local "Laura Ingalls"

Our country's westward expansion is taught in every school, and new materials to augment lessons are eagerly sought after. Everyone knows the "Little House on the Prairie" stories, but much less has been written about the 1830's, several decades earlier.

Whether used as a read-aloud in class or as supplemental reading for older students, Ruth by Lake and Prairie is a great addition to the classroom or home library. It accurately depicts the day-to-day life of children in the early nineteenth century and introduces the historical figures who populated the early northern Illinois landscape.

Both children and adults enjoy this easy-to-read story of twelve-year-old Ruth's journey with her uncle Joseph Naper and a brave group of settlers who sailed from Ohio to Illinois to start new lives on the prairie. 

Companion Activity Guide

The companion book to the award-winning Ruth by Lake and Prairie is also available.

Full of paper crafts to make, recipes, crossword puzzles and word searches, the Ruth by Lake and Prairie Activity Book is a fun way for children to explore the everyday life of the American settler.

Order yours today! Or ask your local bookshop to carry them if you want to pick up your copy locally and support your neighborhood merchant.

Inside the Activity book you'll find:

•    Recipes for Johnny Cakes and Rock Candy
•    Word Searches on 1830's clothing
•    How to make a Wind Boat
•    Illustrations from Ruth by Lake and Prairie to color
•    Your Family Tree worksheet
•    And much more!

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