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Interview with The Daily Herald

Daily Herald staff writer Susan Dibble met with Kate in late March. The results of that conversation appeared in the April 4 Neighbor section.  For the article, Dibble also spoke with with some of folks Kate worked with while researching Ruth by Lake and Prairie. Dibble writes:

"Bryan Ogg, research associate at Naper Settlement where Gingold did part of her work, said the amount of research Gingold did was impressive.

'She did a fantastic job of researching the Internet, historical libraries and genealogists and putting that story together,' he said.

The book shows the original settlers had the strong family bonds that Naperville residents have today, said Mary Lou Wehrli, a fifth-generation Naperville resident whom Gingold contacted in her research.

'What impressed me most was the strength of the family ties,' Wehrli said."

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