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Schedule a Presentation
Choose the presentation your group would most enjoy. All are about 45 minutes long, not including question-and-answer time, and are illustrated with PowerPoint slides. Contact Kate for availability and other details.

Six Degrees of Abraham Lincoln
Learn fascinating tidbits of history as we look at connections to the sixteenth President in northern Illinois. For junior high school students and up.

Searching for Settlers
When we think of pioneers, most of us picture a family traveling by covered wagon. But some of our earliest settlers arrived in Chicago via schooner across the Great Lakes. Learn about some of our area's first non-native residents.

Bringing History to Life
Follow the research that went into the creative non-fiction story of "Ruth by Lake and Prairie." For junior high school students and up.

Ink Dancing: The Choreography of Creative Writing
Kids gather tips for their own work through the author's exploration of the creative writing process. For third to fifth grade students.

The Haunted Classroom
A flexible program combining varied educational goals such as narrative writing, research and presentation skills with history, geography and other subjects, creating a ghost story as a final project. Kate’s visits range from a simple read-aloud to an author-in-residence presence.

A "Career Day" type of presentation is also available, with or without PowerPoint slides, that can be modified to fit your time frame.